Cantilever Racking Systems

For storage of overlong items and bulky components. Constructed from solid-walled, hot-rolled IPE profiles for durability and safety in the warehouse.


Pallet Racking Systems

The sturdy racking system for sustained use. Intended for use in large and high-efficiency warehousing operations

Rack-Clad Warehouses

More cost-effective than a conventional hall building. One-stop shopping, from planning to finishing the roof.

Racking Systems for Outside Storage

Cantilever and pallet racks, with or without roof structures, hot galvanized upon request, with a backing wall or as an open structure.

Mezzanine Floors

The self-supporting structure fits inside any existing hall and can be adapted to the specific spatial situation. May be configured as a mezzanine level with racking systems.

Racking Systems for Retail Warehouses

Storage and racking systems for attractive presentation in retail areas and stocking of goods.

Shelf Racks

Racking systems for flexible warehousing. Shelf racks for the storage of small parts, samples, or documents in archive and office spaces.

Dynamic Warehousing Systems

Dynamic warehousing systems are compact storage methods that optimize material flow and reduce racking aisles. Racking systems on shuttle cars permit a highly efficient use of space.

Automatic Warehousing Solutions

Professional and economical management of a compact warehouse. For high-efficiency environments, such as order picking warehouses. Racking systems in combination with rack control systems, material handling facilities, and warehousing software.